Family History Documentarian


My sister, brother-in-law and I have a business where we film people who want to pass on their family or corporate history to others. 


Often we leave these things until too late - imagining there will always be time to get this sort of information, or we don't want to scare our elders into thinking we think they are going to die anytime soon... and then it never gets done and we are left with regrets.


For this endeavour, the client will  usually have undergone a one hour pre-interview with our journalist trained interviewer, where themes that want to be addressed and artefacts that want to be spoken about are identified. 


At a later date, we film on two high definition cameras, using studio lighting and professional audio equipment to record a 2-3 hour interview with a client. Extra time can be organised if required (but at extra cost).


The footage is edited into a 60-90 minute package that is provided on a DVD and as an electronic file (.m4v), plus 2 extra copies (in either format for distribution to others). Extra copies in either format may be ordered for extra charge.


This is a beautiful way to record your family history, and to talk to your descendants (even if they are not be alive right now), passing on your anecdotes, knowledge and impressions of life in the twentieth or twenty first century.


Use the Contacts page to email Michelle if this is something of interest to you. Packages start from $2000. Discount offered for multiple interviews (ie two or more clients from the same family or organisation. 



I'm involved with my local church, St Augustine's Mentone


I'm a church warden at St Augustine's, and I've recently put together a new website that will be online soon. I'm involved with the Audio Visual Group and I'm filmed and edited some resources that are on the website, and I'm particularly proud of the ANZAC DAY Project we completed in time to mark the Centenary of the Gallipoli Landings (April 1915). We have a range of programs for kids, youth, young adults and 'the young at heart' - why not check us out?




I've become more involved as a sport psych in esports (since 2019), working with pro teams in the Australian and New Zealand region in Counter Strike, Rocket League, and more recently in Valorant. Through Condor Performance, I've also worked with streamers and CS and Valorant teams with an Org based in South East Asia.

Using my vast experience in traditional sports but slanting the content to esports, I've created an excellent esports ebook of sport psychology content (so all my resources can be located in the one place at the one time). It's not for sale. Only my clients get to see what's inside my ebook.  Here's a picture of the Table of Contents in my ebook at the moment.It gets updated all the time. I do one of these customised for each of my teams.

Consultant with Condor Performance

July 2019is when I was asked to join Condor Performance as one of their team of sport psychologists who offer services to athletes and coaches around the globe, using FaceTime or WhatsApp. The use a novel way of working with clients, where the clients buy time per month with a sport psych, and are free to use that time in however amounts that best suit the client. Most sessions are 2 x 30 minute blocks (giving the athlete time to rehearse the practical tools the sport psych teaches, and then check back to report on progress). These regular sessions help the athglete progress faster. Here's the link to the Condor Performance website. Ask for Michelle! I work with athletes and coaches of all ages and abilities, in sports and esports.

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