Here are the resources I have been working on the last couple of years...

Pocket Psychology Tracks
The sample track, Confidence, is on the front page of this website. All tracks begin the same way, with a short relaxation sequence, followed by productive thoughts and behaviours suggested in the second half of the track. 
These are video tracks, not audio files, so they will play using your eqipment's video software - they will not play in a CD player.The slideshow (on the left) explains who they are for and how they may be used, and includes the topics. 
Individual tracks are available directly from Michelle for AUD$10 each and Michelle will email it to you (nb. it is 5MB).

Sport, or General, or Health Psych series, $75  






Trauma Recovery series, $150






An Individual track, $10

Sport Psych Tools eBook cover
Sport Psych Tools eBook cover

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eBook 2
eBook 2

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Workbook Page 3
Workbook Page 3

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Sport Psych Tools eBook cover
Sport Psych Tools eBook cover

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Here are some sample pages from the Sport Psychology Tools for Every Coach and Athlete eBook.


You can see the eBook is written conversationally, and the types of topics covered (in the Contents pages) but what you don't see are how I teach you to use these skills on yourself (or your athletes). That is the real value of this book, but I haven't shown it in the sample pages. 


You can purchase your copy for AUD$55 by clicking on the button, below, (to pay securely via PayPal using your credit card or bank account) and Michelle will email it to you.


Introductory Sport Psychology course on Udemy

Udemy Short Course
Introductory Sport Psychology


This short course is on Udemy, a US-based short course platform that sells courses world-wide. This is the promo video (although the 'front page' has since been updated, and the screenshot, left, has landed on the Advanced course, which is entirely different to the Introductory course) that describes the course. Use the PayPal button under the video to pay just AUD$35 (instead of US$60...this course is available to purchase in US Dollars from the Udemy site, but Aussie Dollars if you buy from this website). When I'm notified you have made a purchase, I'll send you the link to register for the course on Udemy for no extra charge - just click the link I send you


The Introductory Sport Psychology course is based on material in my eBook (but doesn't cover material in quite as much depth as the eBook). It could be used as a resource (like the eBook) for sport psychoplogy courses in the Vocational Education sector (such as the unit SISSSCO8A 'Support athletes to adopt the principles of sport psychology' in the Australian Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package, or Britain's Unit 20 'Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology' which meets BTEC National's QCF Level 3) or Higher Education units in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Practical Sport Psychology course on Udemy

Udemy Short Course
Practical Sport Psychology


This short course is my newest release on Udemy, a US-based short course platform that sells courses world-wide. This is the promo video (although the 'front page' has changed now) that describes the course. Clicking on and paying via the PayPal button under the video (just AUD$35 instead of £30...this one is in British pounds if you buy it from the Udemy site) will notify me you have paid, and I'll send you a link that will allow you to sign up for the Udemy course for no extra charge. 


The Practical Sport Psychology course relates particularly to the Unit 20 'Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology' course that is within BTEC National's QCF Level 3 training structure. The Udemy course being promoted compares the ways two sport psychologists practice, and includes interviews with a Soccer Academy Manager, the senior Manager (at the same club) and the former playing coach of the English Women's Touch Rugby team who toured Australia in the World titles in 2015.

Working with clients in Private practice


Frequently Asked Questions


What’s my name? Dr Michelle Pain


Qualifications        BSc, DipEd(Psych), MEd, PhD


My practice address  I'm in Mentone, please email me for details


Length of a session? One hour


Cost       $160 / hour (as of 1st Jan 2016)


Can I get a Medicare or Private Health Insurance rebate

Yes, if a clinical issue is referred by a GP, a certain number of sessions may be covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance with Extras cover. However I would like to point out that my fee is less than the scheduled APS fee (of around $220/hour) so I believe it is still good value for money for non-clinical issues that aren’t covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance.


How do I book a session?

Email me and we’ll work out a time that suits us both (weekends, evenings or week days).


What happens in a session?

You let me know why you think you need assistance, and the two of us will decide upon a course of action to help you work on your issue. Typically, I have my first time clients complete a questionnaire to identify their mental strengths and weaknesses, and I use this information to work out what to do next.


I aim to make the sessions really practical, so I expect you to be able to use some or all of the tools I’ve taught you right away in training or competition. You may only need one session.

You may enjoy the experience so much, and want to learn much more about ways to improve yourself, that you’ll want more than one session. It’s entirely up to you...

Just book one session at a time.


Do I need to bring anything, or prepare anything?

No. Everything you need will be provided (eg paper, pen).


You can expect to leave with some notes we’ve made on your session, as well as any questionnaire results you may have completed.



My previous clients


I’ve worked with athletes and coaches in many different sports at different levels (recreational through to elite). I’ve worked with individuals and with teams. My clients have tended to be aged between 12 and 25, but I do see clients younger and older than this.


My Career Highlights


‘Inventing’ Pocket Psychology 

These are brief videos (less than 2 minutes) to remind athletes or others of good thinking behaviours. The are loaded onto the person’s own equipment and accessed whenever the person feels like they need a mental boost.


Writing an instructional eBook (Sport Psychology Tools for Every Coach and Athlete) 

I believe in making tools that are accessible to athletes and coaches, no matter where they are in the world. Technology allows me to do this - I love my Mac. 


Developed and taught in the first sport psychology coursework Masters degree in Australia at Monash University, 1991.

Having a post graduate pathway meant removal of objections by The Australian Psychological Society, leading to the creation of what is now the College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists, and I proudly served on the first National Committee and have served terms as Sectretary and President of the Victorian College of Sport Psychologists in the 1990s.


Working with teams

I love working with groups of players. I recognise not everybody wants to work with a sport psychologist, but we do have some useful tips to impart. I love it when the coaches try to soak up as much information (and take part in the same activities) as the players. I believe it can be a more effective practice to work with and through the coaches to change a team’s behaviour. 


Being ‘at home’ at training on the centre of the MCG

There’s nothing like it - it’s an awesome ground - and I was so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with the Women's Cricket Team, VicSpirit - a fabulous experience!



Use the Contacts page to email Michelle to book a session